kothes as an employer

What makes working for us special?

We provide comprehensive advice to our customers and offer them an entire range of services relating to the smart information life cycle. Our employees manage individual projects completely and independently, working efficiently within a team and coordinating closely with the customer, from initial meetings and on-site research to the creation of high-quality documents containing text and images and to punctual delivery.

These varied and exciting tasks are developed in a professional working environment, with the latest tools and methods. The large pool of knowledge and active team spirit at our company provide vital support. We always agree to open-ended work contracts. Thanks to low employee fluctuation, our team is getting bigger and stronger all the time. Depending on suitability and inclination, our employees are deployed in a variety of service areas and for different customer groups. Temporary moves to other branch offices are sometimes necessary because of order conditions, so flexibility is an important requirement for anyone wanting to work for us successfully.

We are an award-winning business. In 2009 and 2015, former Federal Minister for Economics, Wolfgang Clement, awarded us the “Top Job” seal as one of the 100 best employees among mid-sized companies in Germany, recognising our performance in the fields of “leadership and vision”, “family orientation and demographics”, “motivation and dynamics”, “employee development and perspective”, “culture and communication” as well as “internal entrepreneurship”.
In 2014, kothes was recognised by Kreis Viersen and IHK Mittlerer Niederrhein as a particularly “family-friendly firm”, partly for our flexible working models and because we are open to part-time employees taking on leadership roles.
In addition, kothes is among the top 114 consultants among German mid-size enterprises, as proven by the “Top Consultant” award. We received this award in 2013 from former Federal Minister of Finance Hans Eichel and Professor Dietmar Fink from Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg as part of a Germany-wide cross-industry comparison between companies. And in the past few years we have regularly won the tekom documentation award, which is handed out by the German Association for Technical Communication.

How would we describe our company culture?


Treating each other in a respectful and supportive manner is a matter of course. Good ideas are heard, supported, and implemented. An unhindered transfer of knowledge and open communications are our top priority. Only then can individuals learn from the knowledge of others, which in turn benefits the entire team. Our flat hierarchies make for short distances and fast decisions. 

We want to delight our customers with our results. For us as a full-service provider, that means offering creating ideas, innovative concepts, technical expertise, punctual implementation, and measurable results. Optimal quality is very important to us. We achieve all this, thanks to our creative and competent employees, our modern tools and processes, and our outstanding working atmosphere.

What else do we offer?

Where possible, we prefer permanent work contracts.

There is a canteen in Kempen, and various lunch options are just a short walk from our other offices.

Continuous coaching is provided through the quality assurance process for completed documents as performed by the editorial office. Once per year, all producing employees take part in a two-day editorial meeting with numerous training courses and lectures. We also offer individual training measures, both external and in-house.

We celebrate our success: with a summer celebration, a Christmas party, and additional events for specific teams.

As a rule, employees decide when they come and go. Each of them is responsible for ensuring that their chosen working hours meet the needs of customers and the team.

We agree to the right models with each employee.

As a rule there are enough parking spaces. Transport links are usually good, but they vary by location.

All employees have internet access at their workstations; the internet connection is necessary for work, but employees can also use it for personal purposes while on a break.

Depending on what they do, employees can work from home after prior agreement.

in Kempen, Bremen, Stuttgart and Wallisellen (Switzerland).

For sales employees who travel frequently. Editors can call on vehicles that are provided at the head office or branch offices for trips to the customer.

Employees who regularly use the train receive a BahnCard 50 (Germany) or Halbtax (Switzerland).

During the training phase in Kempen, employees can live in the company housing there.

Free drinks (water, tea, coffee) in all offices, ergonomic workstations, height-adjustable desks where necessary, and flu shots. Treatment by our company doctor is possible.

A bonus system ensures that all employees share equally in our profits.

We train new employees intensively. We have set up a specialist training centre at our head office in Kempen for that purpose.

Who we are looking for

Our offices in Kempen, Bremen, Berlin, Stuttgart, Konstanz, Braunschweig, Linnich, Linz (Austria) and Wallisellen (Switzerland) are always happy to receive applications for the positions described below.

Our technical editors create operating and user manuals for all kinds of machinery, technical products and systems, from coffee machines to accounting software and offshore wind farms, always in-line with legal standards but with space for their own ideas. They research content in close contact with our customers. In collaboration with our specialist departments and our quality management, they develop new documentation concepts. And they advise our customers on how to improve their documentation content and processes.

Applicants require a degree in technical documentation or a technical degree with some experience in technical editing. We also expect strong communication skills, the ability to work in a team, an ability to learn, mobility, and an independent, structured and result-oriented way of working. Excellent spoken and written German is essential, and a good knowledge of English would be of advantage.

Our machine safety consultants support our customers with the CE marking of their machines and systems and answer questions about the Machinery Directive and contiguous standards. They research normative, formal, and content requirements, draw up risk assessments and in some cases create operating manuals, all in-line with the relevant norms and legal standards. They collaborate with our customers to develop modularisation concepts for risk assessments and safety-related solutions.

Applicants require a degree from a university or technical college or be trained as a technician in the field of mechanical or electrical engineering. We also expect strong communication skills, the ability to work in a team, an ability to learn, mobility, and an independent, structured and result-oriented way of working. Excellent spoken and written German is essential, and a good knowledge of English would be of advantage.

Their key tasks include creating technical illustrations for operating manuals and creating illustration concepts, including for text-free manuals. They are also responsible for assisting and educating our technical editors on illustration-related matters. Their tasks also include developing our in-house standards for illustrations and defining the workflows for converting 3D CAD models into illustrations with a variety of software products.

Applicants must be trained as a technical illustrator, have at least three years of professional experience and experience in creating graphics from 3D CAD data. We also expect strong communication skills, the ability to work in a team and an ability to learn. Knowledge of Corel DESIGNER®, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, CINEMA 4D, 3D Via Composer, XVL Studio and SAP Visual Enterprise Author would be an advantage.

Our technical translators, most of whom are freelance, translate complex technical texts from German or English to their native languages. In the process they work closely with our technical editors and illustrators, use our XML-based editorial system and ensure constant development and quality assurance for our translation memory database. We offer long-term cooperative collaboration, attractive projects, helpful contacts and fair, reliable pay.

Applicants must a have perfect command of their native languages, have provable experience in the fields of systems engineering, mechanical engineering, or software and have translated in this field for at least two years. Experience with translation memory tools (particularly memoQ) is an advantage; a precise way of working and absolute punctuality are indispensable.

Our translation managers manage individual translation projects independently, from offer calculation to delivery and invoicing. They advise and assist our customers professionally and with a focus on service. They are also responsible for managing the quality of translation orders and for supplier management.

Applicants require a completed degree from a university or technical college, as well as professional experience in translation management. They must have strong communication skills, the ability to work in a team and an ability to learn, and they must work in an independent, structured, and result-oriented manner. Applicants should enjoy working in a technical field. They require a proactive approach to service and an entrepreneurial way of thinking.

We offer students the opportunity to complete a practical semester in the field of technical documentation and implement what they have learnt during their studies. We offer a range of exciting topics relating to technical documentation, plenty of different projects and customers in almost all industries. During their work placement, interns work with an XML editorial system, and they accompany entire processes from research to delivery, thus gaining a detailed insight into their future work.

Graduates who are about to complete their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and are looking for an interesting topic for their thesis will find valuable issues and be given the opportunity to map the knowledge they have gained during their studies onto a real-life project. The academic quality of the thesis is as important to us as its direct practicality and applicability within the business. Of course graduates receive intensive support during this period and are also provided with an experienced tutor. Once they have completed their thesis, all doors at our company are open to them.

Here you will find our current job vacancies.


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