kothes Expands its Cooperation Network with Plusmeta GmbH

Create user and service information even smarter with artificial intelligence.

kothes Expands its Cooperation Network with Plusmeta GmbH

Plusmeta GmbH, founded in Karlsruhe, Germany in 2019 by Managing Director and Founder Dr. Jan Oevermann, has set itself the goal of making technical information in companies more intelligent through cloud-based software. With its software, plusmeta offers the option of making workflows for technical information more efficient, with rule-based concepts (right up to the Support department) through the use of artificial intelligence. For example, metadata can be automatically extracted from content and classified for further use.

"The workflow packages of the plusmeta platform will significantly enrich our portfolio of tools. They will allow us to continue to implement concepts for our customers by using the latest technologies!" said Lars Kothes, Managing Director of kothes GmbH.

"With kothes, we have gained a strong partner who understands the challenges of technical communication. With this expertise, kothes can use our solutions for customers to make complex content fit for the future," said Dr. Jan Oevermann about the new partnership.

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Christopher Rechtien
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