Work and leadership in the digital age

A podium discussion about work in the year 2030.

Work and leadership in the digital age

In the pleasant atmosphere of the "Cinema Hall" of the Villa Marx in Viersen (Germany), an event titled "New Paths – Working and Leading in the Digital Age" took place on 1 March 2018. Among the invitees was Competentia, the Competence Centre for Women and Professions in the Middle Lower Rhine region. Also among the guests were some officials, but also many entrepreneurs and personnel managers were present.

Then Professor Dr. Alexander Cisik from the University of Applied Sciences Niederrhein made his entrance. He presented 30 Theses that illustrated how working life will evolve under the direct influence of digitisation. The conclusion is that from this, in the future, we risk losing the critical interpersonal contact that is invaluable to both employees and companies alike.

After some scenic impressions of the Kretsch Theatre, the podium discussion followed, in which Professor Cisik, Viersen’s Mayor Sabine Anemüller, Birgit Weber from Competentia, and even our own Lars Kothes participated. The lively exchange became quite exciting, in particular, due to the different points of view and the perspectives of authorities and digital companies such as kothes. Fortunately, the discussion revealed that kothes already implements much of what the Occupational Psychologist Professor Dr. Cisik advocates, and uses the possibilities of digitisation without disregarding employees.

During the subsequent snack break, the technical exchange continued.

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