The DIN Spec 33453 – the way to the Digital Service System

... does this also apply to the Technical Editorial department?

The DIN Spec 33453 – the way to the Digital Service System

Oh absolutely! In many places, people are diligently working on how to offer, not only a product as hardware, but also digital or hybrid services in the industrial environment of the future. An example of this could be a predictive maintenance scenario: without appropriate information on what must happen when and where, how and by whom, predictive maintenance only considers the purely technical part (i.e. sensor data) and the corresponding failure forecasts. These special technical subjects are already complicated enough; however, more is needed for a real service system and for a business case that adds value in the IIoT world (Industrial Internet of Things).

The recently published DIN Spec 33453 "Development of Digital Service Systems", on which we were allowed to collaborate, addresses the current need of many companies for orientation and guidance on their path to a Digital Service System.

In order for companies to get started at the point where they currently are an agile process is recommended, roughly divided into three phases and that can be entered flexibly: Analysis, Design, and Implementation.

The DIN Spec specifies various objectives which should be achieved in the respective phases. For example, customer needs and the desired revenue model(s) are important roles that need to be brought to life for both companies and their partners. After all, even Digital Service Systems have to pay off in the end and should not only be implemented just because something is technically feasible.

In order to make this process as easy and comprehensible as possible for companies to handle, 30 methods were included as templates in the DIN Spec and two ideal development projects were presented.

Technical Editorial offices, Documentation departments, and Knowledge Managers are required more than ever to actively contribute and promote these topics within their companies. The goal is to design future service systems and to create and leverage added value with knowledge and data. This process offers a number of opportunities for corporate knowledge-sharing centres.

For those who wish to become more involved in the DIN Spec 33453 "Development of Digital Service Systems" it's available here as a free download. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Christopher Rechtien
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