Terminology management in technical editing

A look at our standardised process.

Terminology management in technical editing

In order to put a comprehensible text on paper, it is important to obey a few rules when writing. Among other things, such rules define how to handle specialist language, also referred to as Terminology. To provide an example: each object (which could be a component of a machine, for example) should be given only one designation.

You may be familiar with terminology databases from your work. Maybe you even manage the names of specific components in Excel lists, catalogue spare parts in SAP, or even use software that is mainly designed to manage terminology.

Once more people are involved in the project, however, rigid databases turn out to be not so flexible and require extensive maintenance. In this case, a standardised terminology process with defined process chains and responsibilities becomes indispensable.

So we took a good look at the way we and our customers work and then developed workflows that are not just easy to comply with but can also be adapted flexibly to the complexity of the specific project. Are you responsible for terminology and want to be given a say on new entries? No problem; an appropriate loop can be integrated into the process, if necessary. Do you want approved entries to be translated directly into another language? There are interfaces for that as well.

In the smart space you will find our terminology management workflow illustrated with short clips. You need to log in to access them.

smart space: Terminology management in the Technical Editorial office

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