Recertification in Accordance with ISO 17100

Certified Translations for the fields of Technology, Software, Automotive, Medical Technology and Marketing.

Recertification in Accordance with ISO 17100

In October 2019, the ISO 17100 recertification audit was held at kothes, in the Translation department. During this audit, all translation processes were not only spot-checked with respect to ISO 17100, but they were also thoroughly inspected.

We're therefore all the more pleased that we not only passed the audit, but we also came very close to reaching the maximum number of points we could have achieved. We've extended the scope of our new certificate to our core areas of Technology, Software, Automotive, Medical Technology and Marketing. In addition, the renewal of the certificate underscores our commitment to quality and customer service in our daily work.

As very positive results ("Findings"), three competencies were specifically highlighted in the recertification report:

  • Project management in the field of Translation is "outside the box"
    Here at kothes, we benefit in particular from our close integration as a Translation Agency with our colleagues in the Technical Editorial and IT departments.
  • "4-eyes" examination by our Auditors
    In addition to the settings for the translation system, our Revisers use an internally developed LQA process (LQA = Language Quality Assurance) for the "four-eyes" examination. The key figures determined here are documented, analysed and shared with those involved in the project. Differentiation specific to customer, specialist area, text type and language combination helps us to remain vigilant on the development of individual Translators. This enables us to make better use of our Translators' specialisations and to evaluate them objectively.
  • Data Security
    Our processes and the management system we've implemented for data security also enable us to process sensitive customer data in the translation area. Here, certification in accordance with TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) underlines the high priority we attach to the security of our customers' data.

We'd like to thank the Auditor, as well as all employees who've made this good result possible.

Verena Döhler
Blog post Verena Döhler