kothes translations at memoQfest 2019

Over the course of three conference days, translation service providers, translators and the translation industry's best minds gathered for the memoQfest in Budapest.

kothes translations at memoQfest 2019

Marie and Denise were there for kothes translations at this exciting event. In her presentation entitled "TM Management: Make the most out of what you have", Marie demonstrated how to combine the contents of translation memories of different language combinations and successfully use them for future translations.

We experienced a fully-packed program of exciting Artificial Intelligence Translation and Machine Translation topics, learned helpful memoQ tricks for advanced users, and heard lectures on translation strategies and trends.

The conference was held in the very dignified Gundel restaurant. The magnificent evening programme included concerts and show dances, and was held exclusively for the memoQfest at the Ethnological Museum and the National Museum.

It was a real party and we’ll be back!

Caterina Weiß
Blog post Caterina Weiß