From the Life of an IT Consultant

... or why it makes sense to be (virtually) on site regularly in the kothes IT Consulting department.

From the Life of an IT Consultant

We IT consultants at kothes are often greeted by our colleagues, almost as if we'd just returned from a week-long holiday. In addition to the joy that there are so many nice colleagues who are happy to see us again, there’s always the question of why we, of all people, are on the road so often and for so long.

Online meetings in hotels, project meetings from the car or the airport and the challenge of reconciling our private appointments with our consulting assignments with customers on site are our daily routine. However challenging this may be, our daily work demonstrates time and again that it's often essential to be on site or at least to come as close as possible, in the form of video meetings. Why? Because this is the only way we can identify needs, together with our customers and contacts, and work out solutions that truly fit.

With us, standard meetings with a set timetable or pre-defined methods are practically non-existent. Each company is different, every starting position and even the goals can vary considerably. Therefore, we must adjust not only to these points, but also to the roles and characters involved, as well as to the spatial conditions and technical prerequisites.

Why don't standard solutions work here? Because the small details are important to us. Because at the right moment, we can directly ask those who are sitting with us around the table or with whom we're virtually connected. A meaningful consultation without knowledge of the needs and ideas of the people in the background makes little sense, and in most cases, is bound to fail. And quite honestly... without that, it would also be damn boring, and we wouldn't need all the material from our moderation cases.

We look forward to working with you to develop your solutions :-).

Christoph Beenen
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