Digitisation with Daddy

The bright side of the coronavirus pandemic.

Digitisation with Daddy

"Daddy, why do you always work at home now?", my 6-year-old son asked me the other day after I had moderated one of my first completely digital workshops with my colleagues.

Of course, our little man already knows exactly why he hasn't been allowed to go to school for weeks, why we stay at home more, why we don't visit grandma and grandpa, and why we put a homemade sign with "#hsbestrong" in front of our door.

The coronavirus has really turned our world upside-down — both personally and professionally.

But despite all the challenges, despite all the fears about its further development — if anyone can do it, we can, right?
Admittedly, everything is still pretty unfamiliar in our new fully digital world of work, although many of us have already worked on many-a-project and had numerous conversations online.

What I’m really missing are the people around me. The colleagues you talk to in the kitchen or in the office, the friends you sit with over a beer in the evening and talk about everything that's on your mind — even if it's only the Bundesliga.

But in the middle of this new, unfamiliar and somewhat scary world, things keep happening that make me smile.

Over the past few days, I’ve had spontaneous tours of apartments via webcam, I’ve worked with colleagues who were sitting on the couch, and — whether voluntarily or not — got to know some of my colleagues' children (and even customers) over online meetings.

The little ones don't understand, of course, that Mommy or Daddy shouldn't be disturbed right now, and — like my little son also regularly — rightly demand the next round of Mau Mau or urgently need help with a broken Lego car.

Whether it's a drying rack, completely normal clutter, drums or pets in the background — one thing’s become even clearer to me during the past few days: everyone is doing their best right now to get through this difficult time. And together, we’ll do it.

Whether it’s online or offline, whether we wear a suit or sweatpants or a mix of both to an online meeting... if this crisis brings us closer together, at least virtually, then something good has come out of it.

Let's do it together! I'm looking forward to the next smile tomorrow during the online meeting and to the first cup of tea together in the break room after the crisis — whenever that will be.

And of course, to the next round of Mau Mau :-)!

Christoph Beenen
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