For Translators

How We Work with Translators

Requirements for Translators at kothes

  • Translation into the native language (i.e. native speaker translations)
  • A recognised university degree in Translation, or in another discipline, and at least two-to-five years of proven professional Translation experience
  • Experience with common translation memory tools (especially memoQ)
  • A deep understanding of technical interrelationships
  • Demonstrable experience in at least one of the following fields: Plant Engineering/Machine Building, Automotive, Medical Technology, Software

Jobs for Freelance Translators

We’re constantly on the lookout for experienced Technical Translators who can translate complex technical documents (including operating manuals, maintenance manuals, declarations of conformity, and risk assessments) from German or English into their own native language.

What our translators have to say about us

"Brilliant as a group, international as a team. You know both what to do and what not to do. In short – it works great."


Silvia, working as an Estonian translator for kothes since 2015

"I only view of my collaboration with kothes positively. The dialogue with the Project Managers is always open and they're helpful with answering questions. A remarkable aspect of this company is its rigorous "four-eyes" LQA process, which guarantees high-quality translations. I look forward to many more years of good cooperation with kothes."


Pilar, working as a Spanish translator for kothes since 2015

"The kothes translation team is always open, friendly and helpful, and a dash of Berlin humour provides the necessary light-heartedness. All projects are perfectly prepared, questions are answered quickly and payment is always on-time. Above all, however, it's clear that quality can't just be achieved in the fast lane, but rather, it requires a reasonable amount of time. For me, this is the most important reason why I can only recommend kothes as both a translation service provider and a client".


Martina, working as a German translator for kothes since 2013

"It's so good to work during such situations [the time of the Coronavirus] with people like yourself; people who see themselves as partners and helpers and not "just" as clients. And, as has been said so often, you're the ones who stand out as human, helpful and accommodating partners. I find it very, very encouraging that there are still people who believe that it's possible to work this way, and that it's more efficient, more sustainable and simply smarter in the long run. This truly reaches us, and to be honest, it warms our hearts!"

Marie, working as a French translator for kothes since 2013

"I consider kothes more as a partner than as a client because they view me this way as well. The cooperation is fast and professional; communication is clear, the approach is friendly and payment is timely. A perfect partner!"


Willem, working as a Dutch translator for kothes since 2017

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You can expect long-term and partnership-based cooperation, helpful points of contact, and reliable and fair pay, as well as interesting and varied translation activities. We look forward to receiving your application.

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Translators' Meetings


The kothes Translator Meeting has now become an established institution. Once per year, we meet with our regular Translators at various venues in Berlin. In addition to the general professional exchange, various lectures and training sessions address current topics that help the Translators in their day-to-day professional lives.

These often concern tips and tricks on how to more efficiently use translation memory systems or tweaks for translation quality, such as the latest terminology and quality measurement procedures. In addition, organisational information and process innovations are often found in the Agenda of Events.