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Professional, on-time, and ISO-certified

In our globalised world, targeted and understandable information is becoming increasingly important. That's why we take care of the expert translation of your content – both professionally and on-time. Send your documents to our translation team, and we’ll take care of the rest: from analysis to layout; in the highest quality, and certified to be in accordance with ISO 17100.

See for yourself:

  • Sophisticated and precise technical translations in over 40 languages.
  • Experience with over 300 translation clients and more than 30,000,000 words translated per year.
  • Your personal Translation Manager will take care of all your requirements and, together with a strong project team, will ensure unbureaucratic solutions.
  • Not only a translation service provider, but we're also a technical editorial service provider – and thus, we interweave processes with a profound understanding of the product.
  • Terminological competence in both source and target languages, for maximum comprehensibility and efficiency.
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6 Reasons for kothes

Alles aus einer Hand

Everything from one source

We take care of the entire translation process: From examination of the source texts, terminology, translation, maintenance of the translation memory databases, DTP follow-up, you receive everything from just one source.

Übersetzung in Rekordzeit

Translation in Record Time

The translation usually comes right at the very end of the information process. It's always going to be a tight squeeze. That's why we keep promised delivery dates and, if necessary, make the impossible become possible.

Effizientes Übersetzen

Efficient translation

Use of state-of-the-art translation technologies for maximum process reliability and efficiency. Via online access to our system, your subsidiaries will receive a proofread version of the translation for review. Necessary changes are stored in the translation memory database that we maintain for you. Whereby, they are directly available for later translations.

Wir sprechen Ihre Sprache

We speak your language

Our native-speaker specialist translators all have technical backgrounds and several years of experience in translation. They specialise in fields such as Mechanical Engineering, Medical Technology, Marketing, Software and Legal texts. Upon request, we can involve your subsidiary organisations in the translation process, and thus increase the acceptance of the translation in the "local language" countries.

Mehr als nur ein Übersetzungsdienstleister

More than just a translation service provider

You’ll also receive support in the creation of technically precise translations from the know-how and experience of our Technical Editors, Product Safety Experts, IT Specialists and Linguists.

Sie entscheiden

You decide

Human translation, Machine Translation or a mix of both.

Your situation, our solution

Do you deliver your products internationally and therefore need a translation of operating manuals and various Marketing materials in several languages?

We translate your content into all world languages of the business world. You simply send us the relevant documents and we'll take care of the rest. You receive the translations, already formatted in their target format. We build up a translation memory (i.e. database) so that what has been translated once can be reused the next time.

Do you want to ensure the clarity of your international customer-facing communications with uniform terminology?

We analyse existing content and build the termbase for your products. If required, we can select systems for maintaining and checking terminology, in order to help your employees select the appropriate words. We then take care of expanding and updating your terminology.

Do your various international subsidiaries or dealers complain about the poor quality translations of documents you provide centrally, and you'd like to fix this situation?

In international communication, it's difficult to strike the right note. Often, it's not about linguistic correctness, but about personal perspectives and even emotions. We digitally-integrate your international presence into the translation process, so that each location becomes part of the solution and is heard (loud and clear).

Has your user information already been created by the kothes Technical Editorial team and you need it translated into various foreign languages?

We not only take care of the creation of your information products, but we also deliver them, ready to use in your desired language(s). With us, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Technical Editing and Translation departments work hand-in-hand, for you. Modularisation and reuse continuously reduce translation costs.

Do you have a large volume of translations and are looking for ways to reduce costs even further, with the help of Machine Translation and Artificial Intelligence?

Do you have a large amount of text but have a small budget? Here, automatic translation with Machine Translation can be a legitimate alternative to human translation. Based on your requirements, we can check whether Machine Translation makes sense for your content, and we'll carry out the entire translation process for you, using the appropriate AI-based solutions.

Why not put us to the test?

Request your test translation now free of charge and without obligation.

We'd be happy to give you the opportunity to experience our qualified technical translations for yourself. Free of charge, without obligation and based on your company-specific text sample. We'll translate it for you in up to three target languages.

Request a Test Translation

There are many translation agencies for technical documents, but none of them is truly like us!

At kothes, the translation team is fully integrated into the overall structure of a 160-strong full-service technical information provider. This results in a wide variety of competencies that a pure language service provider cannot demonstrate:

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  • A well-conceived modularisation of content saves both time in creating original texts and with the associated translation costs. At the same time, the consistency of information in all languages increases.
  • The wording of the texts affects the translation effort: Consistent terminology and clear sentence constructions make it easier for the translator. In addition, translation errors that could somehow cause misunderstandings for the user are avoided.
  • Screenshots and other language-dependent images containing translation-relevant text are prepared for later translation right when the source text is created.
  • Sometimes more than one translation is required, including the adaptation of the content to the specific target market (i.e. localisation). We’re also happy to support you with this.
  • We know how Technical Editors "tick" and can discuss technical issues on their level. In this way, you'll receive a technically sound translation of your technical documents on the first go.

Top quality and on-time deliveries, certified to be in accordance with ISO 17100

ISO 17100:2015 is an internationally-recognised standard that defines the processes and rules for high-quality translations. Professional language service providers can become certified to this standard.

This standard focuses on:

  • Competences of the Resources Used
  • Method of Quality Assurance
  • Suitability of the Management System
  • Information Security
  • Contract Design
  • Professionalism of the Services

The certification attests that we perform your translation tasks with processes of only the highest standard and with highly qualified, professional translators and proofreaders. In doing so, the certification provides us complete flexibility in the solution of your tasks. The docConsult certification body, based in Bonn, Germany, confirms that kothes meets and in some cases even exceeds these requirements. This is verified by yearly monitoring audits.

What our customers say about us


"kothes stands out with its punctual and accurate translations. Regular on-site meetings to exchange experiences, as well as being a solid customer advisor complement our successful collaboration."

Angela Pedack, Standards & Editor Office | T-SE


"We're an internationally active company. Language plays an important role for us, as we communicate with many people all over the world. Our products and services can be found worldwide. The kothes company is our long-term partner for translations in the field of Technical Documentation and various media in the area of Marketing. Reliable, top-quality translations are crucial for us in our daily business. The kothes company has been offering us their expertise in this area for many years."

Gabriele Meyreis, Marketing


„We have been using kothes GmbH as our preferred Language Service Provider since 2018, and we are very satisfied with their work and highly recommend them for their translation and localisation expertise and professionalism. Our sophisticated and demanding target audience relies on up-to-date and accurate information in their local language, and kothes delivers the goods!“

John Bayley, Technical Content Manager


"As a Technical Editor, I deal with challenging, technical texts on a daily basis. Since our products are in demand all over the world, a good translation is essential. A well-written operating manual should be the calling card of every company. We’ve found the partner for the best possible translations: kothes. The translations are of high quality, they're carried out promptly and every deadline has always been met. The positive feedback from many customers speaks for itself. There are certainly many translation service providers, but our successful cooperation with kothes and their friendly contacts makes it an easy decision to stay with them."

Andreas Lotz, Technical Documentation


"We've relied on kothes translations for the translation of individual operating documentation of customer- and project-specific dosing systems – from pump racks to dosing complexes. Even the preparation of the instructions is characterised by a balancing act between standardisation and reuse of text modules on the one hand, and bespoke documentation on the other. This, of course, poses great challenges for the translation process. Kothes translations has always met or exceeded our expectations, and deadlines have always been met. It's important to note that the translation always corresponds 1:1 with the original, which saves us a lot of work."

Andreas Fislage, Technical Documentation


"We're an internationally active Medical Technology company. Security, and therefore also language, plays an important role for us. Our products are used by many people around the world. Every good product comes with high-quality Instructions for Use. To ensure that the information required for a safe application "arrives" correctly in the respective national (i.e. "local") language, the kothes company supports us as a long-standing partner for our translations in the area of technical documentation."

Wolfgang Schümann, Head of Development & Technical Documentation


“Our expectations of kothes are always met and even exceeded by their expert service. We can count on Kothes when it comes to translations.”

Ansgar Huning, Technical Documentation/Facility Management

KHD Köln

"Without any exaggeration, the service was ten out of ten. The team consistently spared no effort in explaining things and asking follow-up questions. This goes above and beyond normal service, which is truly excellent. kothes could be cheaper – but then again everything has its price."

Klaus Spielvogel, Technical Editor

Kundenlogo Tomra

'I had already come to appreciate the translation service at my old employer, which is why I introduced kothes also to TOMRA Sorting as a language service provider. So far, we have ordered translations from kothes in over 30 languages, from Italian to Arabic and Chinese. The translation management team impresses us with their competence, ensures good language quality and reliably meets the agreed delivery deadlines.'

Gabriele Radzuweit, Technical Documentation Team Leader / CE-Coordinator

kothes: Excellent.


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