Efficient Customer Service through intelligent Information Solutions

Maximum plant performance,
minimum downtime

The efficiency of your maintenance and repair processes is business-critical. For your service teams in the field, one thing is certain: Only with the right tools can they complete their tasks both quickly and reliably. This also means that the right information must be available to your service technicians at all times and in all places.
We support you in optimising the creation, maintenance and provision of your service information in a targeted manner.

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Maintenance ties up valuable resources

Do you coordinate the service and maintenance processes at your company? Do you have to ensure the ongoing operation of production? Then you know exactly:

Your technical systems, machines or vehicle fleets require constant attention. Only in a technically flawless condition can the high demands on performance and longevity be met.
Your primary goal: to reduce operational disruptions, and thus expensive production downtimes to a minimum!

This is no easy task, because the careful maintenance of machines and systems is resource-intensive. Whether service work within your own production halls or after-sales support at your customers’ sites: The maintenance orders of your teams must be optimally planned, and all work steps must be perfectly coordinated – otherwise there’s the risk of costly downtimes.

Digital information for your Service department

Increase both efficiency and availability

In our video (presented in German), you’ll gain quick insight into how digital information portals for service function, and you’ll learn about the tangible benefits of using such a portal in practice.

Optimal information supply as the key to efficient maintenance

Your maintenance processes are only as efficient as your service technicians on-site. In view of increasingly complex machines and systems, they’re faced with a wide range of challenges. The days when repairs could be performed with technical expertise and practical know-how alone are long gone. Today, your service teams are more dependent than ever on a wide range of information, consisting of maintenance plans, step-by-step instructions, troubleshooting steps and FAQs. The quality, completeness and availability of these service documents are essential to the success of your service processes. 
For many service organisations, providing information to their employees is an enormous challenge. A lack of information causes numerous problems in day-to-day service operations:

Many systems, but which information is the correct one?

The maintenance of complex machines requires in-depth detailed knowledge and specific experience from your service technicians. Much of the important information exists in different systems, often only in the heads of individual employees. However, decentralised or even unavailable information is a serious negative factor for your service.
If it's not possible to make this information available to all service employees, valuable expert knowledge remains unused and is irrevocably lost, at the latest when employees leave. Researching, documenting and redistributing this knowledge is both tedious and costly.

Long response and processing times

The responsible service technician on-site is missing important information about the tightening torque of a screw connection or real-world setting values for the recommissioning of a measuring system? The search for important service information additionally prolongs the already expensive downtimes. A common cause: Even today, service technicians all-too-often have to search for the required information in confusing and far too extensive hardcopy or electronic PDF documents. Quite often, the last resort is to reach for the mobile phone and call a teammate. This is time-consuming and ties up additional people power.

Inadequate quality of service documents

Whether it's confusing maintenance instructions or illegible notes from colleagues: The quality of the documents available to service teams in the field is often inadequate. The problem here is that service technicians must be able to rely on the completeness and technical correctness of their documents throughout their daily work. If they're incomprehensible, this robs employees of time and patience and, in the worst case scenario, can be a source of errors that shouldn't be underestimated when carrying out maintenance work.

Untapped potential for digitisation

With the increasing complexity of modern machines and plants, their maintenance is also becoming more and more demanding. What does this mean for on-site service teams? They're more dependent than ever on dynamically provided information. However, intelligent search functions, guided fault diagnosis or feedback options from the field can only be implemented meaningfully with digital solutions.

Solve service tasks both quickly and reliably

Efficient service requires an optimal supply of information to your team. This can only be achieved if all relevant information is up-to-date, contextual, and in a form that is as comprehensible as possible is available. We've specialised in developing individual solutions for our customers, with which the organisation and provision of service information can be professionalised both quickly and sustainably. How exactly can kothes support you in this process?


We assess and optimise your service documents

Which service documents do your service teams work with in practice? Is the quality of the existing documents sufficient to provide your teams with the best possible support during their daily work? We closely examine your existing document base, identify optimisation potential and, if desired, prepare the documents for the maximum benefit of your service teams.


We research the service information relevant to your employees

When processing service orders, do your service teams repeatedly discover that crucial information on specific activities and processes is missing? Our experienced technical experts work closely with your contact persons to research all relevant service information. In this way, we close information gaps in your maintenance process and ensure that your teams always have access to up-to-date and complete service information.


We take over the re-creation of your service documents

Are you missing important service documents such as maintenance instructions or troubleshooting lists, but you do not have the human resources to create these documents yourself? Our specialists can take over the creation of your missing service documents from the concept phase to the quality check of the final documents – regardless of the system and format.


We support you in the implementation of a digital information portal

The increasing technical complexity in mechanical and plant engineering also requires modern information solutions in service. For this reason, information portals are increasingly establishing themselves, with which the supply of information in service can be optimised in a targeted manner. We support you in the selection, implementation and populating of your digital information portal.

What are the advantages of digital information portals?

  • All service documents in one place
    One system – all information: Your entire service documentation is managed centrally and can thus be made available to all employees within your service organisation in an uncomplicated manner.
  • Straight to the solution – thanks to intelligent search
    No more tedious searching in different systems or confusing folder structures: The intelligent search function sorts the hits according to relevance, automatically completes search queries, and suggests related documents. Your service technicians can find the documents they're looking for at the click of a button.
  • Solving problems with digital expertise
    Dialogue systems, chatbots, or guided troubleshooting based on intelligent decision trees: Digital Assistants help your service staff quickly isolate problems and find suitable solutions. In this way, you structure the know-how of your service organisation and sustainably increase service quality. New employees can be trained more quickly and even difficult service cases can be solved in just a few steps.
    Another advantage: In the service business, the first-time-fix rate of your customers is increased. This reduces the workload on your support teams and frees them up to resolve more complex service requests.
  • Service information anytime, anywhere
    Thanks to mobile app support, all your service documentation is available in the field at any time – even offline. This reduces coordination efforts and minimises downtimes. Another plus: New work instructions, checklists or notes can be documented and saved directly on-site. In this way, you can tap expert knowledge from the field in a targeted manner, formalise it, and make it available to all employees.

We optimally integrate the information portal into your service organisation


Success from day one
Does a wide range of information already exist within your service organisation? We compile your information in a targeted manner and host it centrally in the information portal – also via interface connection to your systems. This way, the portal is quickly filled with information, and your service people can benefit from an optimal information supply, shortly after the start.

We relieve your service staff
A well-populated information portal is just the beginning: We optimise your service documents and prepare them into maximally comprehensible step-by-step instructions, FAQs and troubleshooting steps. With our technical editorial expertise, we raise the quality of your service documents to a new level. The advantage for your service teams is that they'll always have the right information on hand in their day-to-day business and won't have to worry about creating and maintaining service documentation, themselves. This leaves more time for the really important tasks.

Quick start

Quick start

Our capacities enable you to quickly check, structure and prepare your service documents, and thus quickly achieve your goals.

Digitisation with a sense of proportion

Digitisation with a sense of proportion

Bundle service information in a central portal and refine it by using digital assistants? We have ideas, experience and concepts on how this can be implemented.

Always there for you

A reliable partner

Use existing information

Use existing information

You don't have to create all your service documents from scratch. Leverage our expertise to intelligently and purposefully prepare your service organisation's existing information base for the maximum benefit of your teams.

Best Practice

Best Practice

In order to offer you the best solutions in all areas, we work together with several partners; all of them specialists and leaders in their field. The resulting best practice systems are intensively tested and have already proven themselves in practice countless times.

Comprehensive consulting

Comprehensive consulting

Whether it's process optimisation, concept development or software implementation – our experienced consulting team is at your side with advice and support.


Do you have questions about our Smart Service Information?

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Manuel Welter
Head of Sales and Marketing