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We develop individual information concepts together with you. Our consultants will prepare your way into the future of your documentation. We create concepts, select the necessary tools with you, implement them and train you to handle them efficiently. Here we cover areas that venture far beyond the traditional understanding of "technical documentation".


We research, structure and compose all types of information and are your partner for all your documentation – from individual products to complete outsourcing of the specialist area. Here, too, we follow our mission of providing people with information relevant to their tasks in a precise and comprehensible form.


We translate into all world languages, take over terminology topics and supervise both the selection and use of software. We advise and take on individual projects or the entire workflow. Because we are one of the few service providers who both write and translate, we have unique knowledge in the integration of these processes.


We see a world where people are more efficient and satisfied because the right information is available to them at any time. We work on solutions for mobile devices, on voice assistants and on portals for the utilisation of individual information modules. We are at your side from the selection to the conception, and to the implementation.

From creation to use

Our information life cycle services

Wherever products, software and services are created, there is information. This data is relevant for different users, including customers and users, but also colleagues and business partners. And each target audience has its own requirements in terms of content, format and timing. This information exists in various systems, but mostly just in developers' heads.

We help you to make sure that this information is discovered, prepared, translated, and made available in the appropriate format. We advise and assist you in all areas of user information and work with you to develop individual solutions for lean processes and user-focused end products with added value.


smart information life cycle

Consultation | Service | Outsourcing | Training

* 1. Product safety | 2. Editorial work | 3. Translation | 4. Publication

Smooth procedures and functioning processes are essential to the success of any business. That is why it is important to coordinate the various actors and departments, particularly for projects involving different parts of the information life cycle.

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Quality assurance measures make for user-friendly content and high-quality data, while also providing a basis for the continuous training of everyone involved in the process.

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There can be no information life cycle without powerful IT structures: Our expert teams find the right solutions for your business – from standard applications to integrated system landscapes.

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Manufacturers of technical products are responsible for ensuring the safety of their products. CE product safety requirements and various standards provide a range of regulations that define minimum requirements for product safety, as well as requirements for internal certification documentation.

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When it comes to preparing information to suit specific audiences, visualisation plays an essential role. Only with good visual assistance users can be helped to absorb and understand information quickly, enabling them to act competently.

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Technical Editorial work is the process of converting raw information from development systems, design documents, and the heads of Subject Matter Experts into information that is useful to users. In this process, information is researched, filtered, prepared according to didactic principles, phrased in a user-friendly way, recorded in a media-neutral fashion and then saved in reusable form.

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Translating content into all world languages is a core competence at kothes. Our translation team offers a wide range of translation services at the highest level.

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Consistent terminology is the basis for comprehensible content. It also offers many other advantages.

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Publication is a central factor in the information life cycle; after all, the best information is useless if it does not reach its target audience.

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Analysing user behaviour provides valuable insights into content and product optimisation. Electronic feedback channels allow these data to be obtained and analysed quickly.

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In brief

Business process outsourcing – great performance and cost control

Business process outsourcing: Is the profitable combination of process optimisation and outsourcing of specific, clearly defined tasks to third parties. Unlike traditional outsourcing, business process outsourcing aims to optimise processes, which as a rule reduces costs or improves performance. We can outsource partial processes or everything involved in the smart information life cycle.


Our customers and partners

Virtually all producing companies require some form of technical documentation. Our list of references features customers of various sizes and from widely different industries. They are increasingly joined by businesses that, as well as calling on us for technical editorial services, are very interested in our information concepts.

We work with several partners, all of whom are specialists and leaders in their field, so we can offer the best solutions in every area. The resulting best practice systems are intensively tested, and many of them have proven of value in the field.

Would you like to know more about our reference projects and partners? We are happy to provide further information upon request.

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