Research Findings: How Tech Doc Fails Service Technicians. And How to Fix It

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5 April 2023
Research Findings: How Tech Doc Fails Service Technicians. And How to Fix It


Let's dive right in:

  • More than 25% of service technicians spend 1 to 2 hours searching for the right information  -  every day!
  • Almost 50% of service technicians would like to include step-by-step-instructions in service information.
  • Many technicians have no way of sharing the knowledge they gained over the years with colleagues and / or in their organisation. Once they leave, this valueable knowledge is simply gone.

These are some of the results from our current "Insight-Report Service" in which we asked the service technicians what they really need - and what they can do without. We have findings on topics such as using paper and pen, the incomprehensibility of instructions and giving feedback on information. It is obvious that there's a huge potential for optimization in service organisations!

What can we do?

Join our Innovation Manager Christopher Rechtien and CEO of Fluid Topics Fabrice Lacroix as they discuss possibilities and share insights and actionable takeaways to make your technical documentation useful and efficient - so that it becomes a useful tool for service technicians again. There are plenty of tools, strategies and solutions, e.g. dynamic content delivery, truly mobile documentation or AI-driven content recommendations. Let's explore these possibilites!

The online seminar is hosted by Fluid Topics and takes place on April, 5th, 6pm - 7:30pm CEST. Thank you for having us, Fluid Topics!

To join us, please follow the link: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/1402561650537730135

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