tekom Annual Conference — Review

As our "Agent Smarty" voice assistant would say, "Thank you so much for the friendly conversation."

tekom Annual Conference — Review

We would also like to thank you very much for the many good, stimulating, and constructive discussions at this year's tekom conference.

We learned a lot again this year, and we appreciate your feedback, especially about our voice assistant, which we brought with us this year for the first time, as an early-stage prototype. During our presentations at the conference, as well as at our booth, we noticed an enormous level of interest in new, innovative, and trend-setting solutions. You, our dear customers, are just as curious as we are, and of course we're delighted about this. We will continue to have many more detailed discussions in the coming weeks, and we'll present the services to you that we were only able to scratch the surface on at the conference. Based on this premise, we would like to develop solutions together with you, how we process information most intelligently, so that you and your customers, and thus the users of the information, are both optimally prepared and positioned. Hopefully we will meet again in 2019, in Vienna at the tekom Spring Conference — or at the latest next November in Stuttgart. We're looking forward to many more exciting projects, and we also look forward to seeing you soon!

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