Review of our First Smart Information Roadshow

Interesting lectures and exciting discussions.

Review of our First Smart Information Roadshow

From 5 September to 20 September, our Smart Information Roadshow made stops in five cities in Germany and Switzerland. Our new Event Series under the motto "Theory Meets Practice" provided an insight into the current state of academic research and presented practical examples from current kothes projects. Various university lecturers and our Innovation Manager Christopher Rechtien combined their lectures with subsequent discussions.

The combination of "Theory – what is the current state of knowledge in universities and what is being taught?" and "Practice – what can currently be implemented in the industrial environment and what cannot?" proved to be a stroke of luck. The participants not only had fun with the lectures but also had many questions for the speakers during the subsequent exchange of ideas. We were very pleased with the positive feedback and have already taken the decision to organise a similar Event Series in the DACH (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) area next year; certainly also at new and additional locations.

If you would like, we will see you next year (again) about the new topics surrounding our business – the user-friendly information and possibilities for its implementation. 

Last but not least, we would like to thank all the speakers for the great presentations and, above all, all of the participants for their attendance and their commitment in the specialist discussions, which have contributed significantly to the success of the events.

Until the next Roadshow!

Manuel Welter
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