kothes Think Tank 2018

kothes uses “design thinking” as a tool to initiate new solution-oriented thought processes.

kothes Think Tank 2018

For more than 10 years, the entire kothes editorial team gets together once a year for an editorial meeting. It is an opportunity for employees from various sites and departments to communicate.

While the editorial meeting was often designed to transfer knowledge within the editorial department in previous years, we decided to try out a new format this year. Under the motto of “Denk neu” (new ways of thinking, literally “think new”), a one-day so-called “think tank” took the place of our traditional meeting.

Employees were split into 10 different workshops that took place at the same time. Each workshop was led by a kothes consultant. Every workshop developed solutions for a specified question. This new form of meeting provided consultants with a platform on which they could try out new approaches and methods for optimum workshop design and gather experience in their application. As well as helping us, these experiences will immediately be incorporated into our customer workshops.

All the teams enjoyed the process of thinking proactively and creatively, of developing potential solutions across departments, and of presenting them to the kothes group once the workshops had ended.

The general conclusion: “It was worth the effort, and this Think Tank was a complete success!”

We look forward to planning and creating our customer workshops in a similarly creative way in future.

Alexia Hölscher
Blog post Alexia Hölscher
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