kothes and 3di found kothes UK Ltd.

kothes and 3di found kothes UK Ltd.

Following the successful completion of recent projects together, 3di and kothes have established a joint venture company in the UK to make it easier to deliver for customers.

Building on their complementary strengths, the new kothes UK Ltd. company will enable 3di and kothes to collaborate to meet the English language documentation and specialist technical consultancy needs of kothes and 3di customers across Europe.

Lars Kothes, kothes CEO explains: “The 3di team provides kothes and our customers with outstanding English language technical communicators, across a wide range of industry disciplines. They also offer particular expertise and innovation in designing technical information solutions for software users and developers. Their delivery capability in the UK and Poland, and their experience with customers worldwide adds new and creative elements to the suite of kothes services.”

Paul Ballard, 3di Managing Director comments: “kothes have an unrivalled team of technical communication consultants and documentation system engineers. Our UK customers will benefit from their proven experience of delivering for manufacturing and engineering industries; and of designing content management and content delivery solutions that integrate with product lifecycle management and improve the user experience."

Both kothes and 3di approach delivering high quality for customers in very similar ways. This will help ensure that working together, deploying resources and scaling up to meet customer needs will be easier and more efficient. The new kothes UK company will control and organise projects so that each customer receives the optimal solution.

About 3di:
3di has delivered outsourced technical writing, translation and localization services to global companies and technology businesses for 16 years. The in-house team of 40 is based in offices near Guildford, in Krakow and Edinburgh: their own multi-lingual project managers, technical authors, localization engineers and tools experts. In addition, they work with experienced freelance content creators and translators all over the world, establishing and managing effective teams for each customer. They research and apply the right tools and processes to get the best from their people.

For more information contact:

At kothes GmbH
Lars Kothes, Managing Director: l.kothes@kothes.com

At 3di Information Solutions Ltd.
Agata Mos, Marketing Manager: Agata.mos@spam protect3di-info.com



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