"It all depends on the mindset! Design Thinking for industry-related services, whether analog or digital"

Specialist Article by kothes Innovation Manager Christopher Rechtien appears in "HMD Praxis".


The "HMD Praxis der Wirtschaftsinformatik" magazine, published by Springer Verlag, provides IT Specialists and Managers with ideas for solving their current challenges, demonstrates implementation possibilities, and informs about new developments in Business Informatics (BI). BI students, researchers, and lecturers learn which topics present challenges throughout the daily practice of their subject, but what also is currently being discussed in research.

Our Innovation Manager, Christopher Rechtien, together with our Technical Editor, Nina Schaub and Beke Redlich, a Scientific Research Assistant at the Jacobs University in Bremen, have authored an article entitled "It all depends on the mindset! Design Thinking for industry-related services, whether analog or digital".

Digitisation is creating a pressure to innovate that affects not only large companies but also small and medium-sized businesses. Accordingly, industry-related service providers must also put their entire portfolio to the test and realign it, in order to keep pace with progress. This is no easy task without an R&D Department, and with fewer resources than with larger companies. How to turn an apparent weakness into a strength is the focus of this article, which presents the collaborative development of a specifically adapted design-thinking approach for innovation development. In addition, the article demonstrates how the design-thinking phases and method selection, as well as the use of digital and analog tools – according to the Action Design Research method – were identified in more than ten workshops with companies and universities.

You can order the complete Fachartikel zu Design Thinking für industrienahe Dienstleistungen analog oder digital (German only) on the Springer Verlag website for a fee.

By the way: A workshop devoted to the topic of "Developing User-Centered Informational Concepts with Design-Thinking" (conducted in German) under the direction of our Innovation Manager, Christopher Rechtien, and our IT Consultant, Christoph Beenen, will be offered during the Spring Conference of tekom Austria from 21 to 22 March 2019.

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