Editorial Meeting? – Think Tank!

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Editorial Meeting? – Think Tank!

A big "Hello" rang through the hallways at the end of January.

Because again this year, we organised our traditional Editorial Meeting, to which all Kothes employees gathered at the headquarters in Kempen (Germany). Editorial Meeting? The old, traditional (and still internally used) name doesn't quite fit anymore. Of course, as in previous years, the entire Editorial Teams from all kothes locations met together. But due to numerous cross-departmental customer projects, it now makes much more sense to involve all of kothes' employees in this meeting – because more than 30% of our employees advise on all aspects of information management; develop bespoke IT solutions, manage translation projects, and are responsible for quality assurance.

Thus, the term "Think Tank" has become much more appropriate for our annual internal training event.

A "Think Tank" that was made a truly honoured event. As we grow with our customers on so many different projects and challenges, the internal transfer of knowledge has become immensely important to us. Therefore, the smart solutions for four selected projects were presented concisely to the entire kothes team by the respective project managers. Over the course of the day, a total of 10 internal training workshops were held. This mixture added to the overall flavour. Some of the topics were contentiously discussed, and it was very interesting to become familiar with the very different perspectives of the team members, and to also work together to come up with creative solutions.

The day was wrapped up with a Winter Party because: "We're not getting any younger."

Nadja Noy
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