Drinking water is essential

By buying drinking bottles for its employees, kothes is supporting the Join the Pipe, a Dutch non-profit organisation.

Drinking water is essential

As a surprise for Saint Nicholas Day, we gave drinking bottles to each member of the kothes team. By purchasing these bottles we have supported Join the Pipe, a Dutch charity.

This organisation is the first social network of tap water drinkers who all share the same dream: to redistribute drinking water in a fairer way.</p> <p>Their motto is “Buy One, Give One”. Whether it is about buying drinking bottles or installing tap water stations, every purchase supports an aid project in a developing country.</p> <p>Join the Pipe is not just providing free drinking water, it is also helping avoid plastic waste and optimising hygiene conditions in the affected countries.</p> <p>We at kothes are proud to be part of this network and are happy about our pretty and useful bottles.</p>
Nadja Noy
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