Uniform terminology is the basis for comprehensible content and its subsequent translation, but also offers many other advantages for processes throughout the entire information lifecycle. Uniform terminology is used particularly effectively when the terminology work is started as early as possible within the information process. 

In term extraction, we analyse existing documents and generate basic word lists with the technical terms that appear in the documents. This is the start for successful terminology work.

The technical approval of the preferred terms is always on your side: This ensures that the selected terms actually reflect your company-specific jargon. The same applies to the translated terminology: The employees from your foreign subsidiaries can be integrated here.

Terminology work should not be viewed as a one-off investment, but a continuous process and an integral part of the overall process within our service projects.

Depending on the stage of development, technical editors, translators, project managers, and even your employees are involved in terminology management. Each new term is validated and approved before being used by the technical editorial department.

As an alternative to this standard process, our linguistic staff will create individual terminology concepts and guidelines for you and support you with implementation and employee training.

Each terminology list only demonstrates its actual benefit when it is used, namely when various communication channels are populated with linguistically-consistent content.

In order to ensure maximum consistency in the use of specialist terminology, we use a variety of professional terminology tools in both technical editorial and translation work. Terminological breaks can thus be detected automatically during the authoring process. When translating a source text with fixed terminology, the foreign-language equivalents can be provided directly.

In addition, we either set up terminology workflows for you within the framework of consulting project or optimise existing structures.

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