Terminology is created in various departments within a company: Development and Design, Marketing, After-Sales, Training, and of course Technical Editing. Consistent terminology is the basis for comprehensible content. It also offers many other advantages:

  • It ensures that the user can quickly and clearly identify which object is being referred to.
  • It ensures professionalism in external presentation.
  • It ensures clarity in internal communication and it prevents misunderstandings between both departments and employees.
  • It ensures lower costs in the overall translation process.

We Help You to Develop a Unified Corporate Language

Company-wide standardised language rules (terminology) significantly increases the comprehensibility of your products and is used as a successful marketing tool. At the same time, follow-up costs for translation and in the creation of your texts are continuously reduced.

Upon request, our qualified linguistics staff members will develop a company-specific terminology database for you. Using various terminology databases, defined terms can be systematically managed and used for the consistent translation of your documents.

If you haven't yet begun with terminology, we can take over this task for you. From the content you provide – whether in two or more languages – our experienced Terminologists will extract the relevant terms and store them in an appropriate terminology database.


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Senior Consultant

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