Specialist Translations

It’s essential for international companies to speak the language of their users, in every country on the planet. A professional translation helps to overcome obstacles and to reach the various target audiences without barriers. This applies just as well to marketing as it does to user information or information provided by either internal or external service personnel. That’s why we rely on sophisticated translation processes and Specialist Translators who speak the language of users and understand our customers' technologies.

Broad Range of Text Types

We Translate a Wide Variety of Specialised Texts

Our Specialist Translators translate many different types of texts on a daily basis (e.g. instructions, technical descriptions and marketing texts).

Specialist Translation Service for the Localisation of:

  • Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)
  • Software
  • Online Help
  • Training Materials
  • Product Information
  • Work Instructions
  • Websites
  • Correspondence

Specialist Areas

Our Translators know your areas of expertise

For a good translation, it’s very important that the Translators have specialist knowledge in the fields in which they work. This is why our Translators not only have translation expertise but also expertise in various specialist areas. We are Particularly Active in the Following Fields:

  • Plant Engineering
  • Automotive
  • Railway Technology
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Machine Building
  • Medical Technology
  • Software
  • Consumer Products

We Speak the Language of Your Customers

We translate in over 40 languages. Of course, these include all the official languages of the European Union as well as almost all the other languages of the business world, such as:

Upon request, we’re happy to translate in additional languages.
Albanian Dutch Italian Romanian  
American English Estonian Japanese Russian  
Arabic Farsi Korean Serbian  
Belarusian Finnish Latvian Slovakian  
Bosnian French Lithuanian Slovene  
Brazilian Portuguese German Macedonian South American Spanish  
British English Greek Maltese Spain Spanish  
Bulgarian Hebrew Moldavian Swedish  
Chinese Hindi Norwegian Thai  
Croatian Hungarian Persian Turkish  
Czech Icelandic Polish Ukrainian  
Danish Indonesian Portugal Portuguese Vietnamese  

Validation of the Source Text

Translated documents place special demands on risk management. Things that were phrased clearly and in-line with standards in the original document can have pitfalls in the translation that are not immediately obvious. We identify such dangers to our customers and make sure that they avoid the corresponding risks in their technical documentation.

A linguistically correct source text is indispensable when trying to achieve an optimal translation result. If we create the original German documentation ourselves, the translation process is integrated into the editing process and only begins after the two-stage quality check that all of our documentation undergoes. We would be happy to advise you on the quality of your original documents and, if you wish, we can proofread them for you.


Mitja Sternkopf
Senior Consultant

P: +49 30 60985883-8
E: m.sternkopf@spam protectkothes.com