Outsourcing of the Translation Process

As we translate as a service provider, we therefore assume responsibility for the translation of individual documents. Outsourcing goes one step further. Here, we assume responsibility for the entire process of providing your user information in a foreign language.

Fast, economical, efficient

Your Translation in our Hands

During joint workshops, we’ll reach an agreement with you on the interfaces and trigger points for initiating translations. We’ll then set up our process in such a way that we provide the required translations within the time frame and quality expectations, as defined by you.

This provides you with the assurance you need that the translation activities that occur within your business processes will be accomplished securely and on-time.

In doing so, we view it as our task to critically examine and continually optimise existing processes, so that we can achieve efficiency advantages for you. The use of central translation memory databases is standard for us. In addition, we can automate routine tasks and therefore gain additional efficiencies for you through the close collaboration with our IT department. By using the latest technologies, such as machine translation, additional savings can be achieved in certain areas of the translation process.


Mitja Sternkopf
Senior Consultant

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