We Translate Technical Documents in all World Languages

The technical translation of content into all world languages is the core mission of kothes translations. Our Technical Translators offer a wide range of translation services at the highest level, and of course certified to be in accordance with DIN EN 17100.

Comprehensive Translation Solutions from a Single Source

We take care of the complete translation process: From examination of the source texts, terminology, translation, maintenance of the translation memory databases, DTP follow-up, you receive everything from just one source. 

The Translation Management department analyses your specific requirements. We take into account your specific terminology, your style guides, and your internal processes.

As a permanent contact person for all translation projects, a kothes translation project manager is always at your side. As a general rule, they have many years of experience in translation management and have themselves been a translator or they have completed a degree in translation. The kothes translation project manager coordinates the various translators in the local target-language countries and ensures that translators’ bundled questions are then sent to your specialist points of contact.

Upon request, we can organise correction iterations for you with your foreign subsidiaries: Via online access to our system, your subsidiaries will receive a proofread version of the translation for review. Necessary changes are stored in the translation memory database that we maintain for you; so that they are directly available for later translations.

Top quality and on-time deliveries, certified to be in accordance with ISO 17100

ISO 17100:2015 is an internationally-recognised standard that defines the processes and rules for high-quality translations. Professional language service providers can become certified to this standard.

This standard focuses on:

  • Competences of the Resources Used
  • Method of Quality Assurance
  • Suitability of the Management System
  • Information Security
  • Contract Design
  • Professionalism of the Services 

The certification attests that we perform your translation tasks with processes of only the highest standard and with highly qualified, professional translators and proofreaders. In doing so, the certification provides us complete flexibility in the solution of your tasks. The LinquaCert certification body, based in Bern, Switzerland, confirms that kothes meets and in some cases even exceeds these requirements. This is verified by yearly monitoring audits.

There are many translation agencies for technical documents, but none of them is truly like us!

At kothes, the translation team is fully integrated into the overall structure of a 160-strong full-service technical information provider. This results in a wide variety of competencies that a pure language service provider cannot demonstrate: 

  • A well-conceived modularisation of content saves both time in creating original texts and with the associated translation costs. At the same time, the consistency of information in all languages increases.
  • The wording of the texts affects the translation effort: Consistent terminology and clear sentence constructions make it easier for the translator. In addition, translation errors that could somehow cause misunderstandings for the user are avoided.
  • Screenshots and other language-dependent images containing translation-relevant text are prepared for later translation right when the source text is created.
  • Sometimes more than one translation is required, including the adaptation of the content to the specific target market (i.e. localisation). We’re also happy to support you with this.
  • We know how Technical Editors "tick" and can discuss technical issues on their level. In this way, you'll receive a technically sound translation of your technical documents on the first go.

Our Services in Detail

It's essential for international companies to speak the language of their users, in every country on the planet. A professional translation helps to overcome obstacles and to reach the various target audiences without barriers.

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When translating XML files, the typesetting is done automatically, but we also frequently translate other formats such as Word, PowerPoint, FrameMaker, InDesign, DWG and many more.

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In translations, everything would be so simple if it were just continuous text to be translated. But in our modern media-centric world, the types of information blend together more and more, so there is now text in illustrations, screenshots with text, videos with accompanying speech, and many other combinations.

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As we translate as a service provider, we therefore assume responsibility for the translation of individual documents. Outsourcing goes one step further. Here, we assume responsibility for the entire process of providing your user information in a foreign language.

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Terminology is created in various departments within a company: Development and Design, Marketing, After-Sales, Training, and of course Technical Editing. Consistent terminology is the basis for comprehensible content. It also offers many other advantages:

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Without the use of information technology, it would not be possible to meet the global demand for translations. Technology increases efficiency enormously, especially in translation, and also ensures a high level of consistency and thus, high quality in the target language.

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