Increasingly complex technologies are steadily driving demand for high-quality information that provides rapid assistance to users. Quality assurance measures ensure that content is edited to suit the users in question and that the data quality is right. They are also the foundation for the continuous education of the employees involved.

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The Editorial Review complements our Documentation Check: Expert help that ensures the highest quality in both form and content, over the long-term.

While our Documentation Check checks informational products that have already been completed, "Quality Assurance Plus" offers prompt and tangible assistance from our experts, right from the creation phase of your document.

This allows you to implement best practices and current standards during the early stages of your project. You no longer have to make time-consuming corrections, but can increase your own competencies throughout the entire information lifecycle.

Quality assurance and employee training in one: Our foreign-language proofreading by native-language specialist translators is an integral part of the service package within the technical editorial projects we carry out for our clients in foreign languages.

On the one hand, it is always checked whether texts are formulated correctly. And on the other hand, employees improve their language skills via comprehensive feedback.

We also offer foreign language proofreading as an independent service.

More than just the right spelling and grammar: By proofreading the source texts, our experts ensure consistency, comprehensibility, uniform terminology, and much more.

For this reason, we integrate proofreading into all processes in which texts are created by a linguistically-trained proofreader.

We also offer our proofreading service as an independent service for our customers – with quick response times to provide you with optimum support, even when timelines are tight.

The editorial guidelines is the quality management manual for our editorial office and the foundation for an efficient informational process.

It usually contains the description of the information process and the subordinate subprocesses as well as the technical editorial specifications for creating the various types of information. This makes the editorial guidelines manual ideally-suited to training new employees. It serves as a reference work for long-time employees, and it helps them to adhere to the principles that have been developed during the information lifecycle.

We support you in creating, implementing, and further developing a professional editorial guidelines manual.

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