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Manufacturers of technical products are responsible for ensuring the safety of their products. We support our customers by investigating which requirements apply to their products and which do not. And then help them to implement and comply with the appropriate guidelines.

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Many products may only be made available on the European market if they are designed in conformity with the Machinery Directive. The basic requirements include the preparation of a Risk Assessment as evidence that the machine is safe.

During the performance of a professional Risk Assessment, all hazard points of a design are systematically identified and the associated risks are assessed. On this basis, either the safety in the individual aspects is confirmed or a specific need for improvement is determined.

The risk assessment is also a practical working tool for the Designer and an important source of information for the operating manual.

The Ignition Hazard Assessments (in accordance with Directive 2014/34/EU) are an elementary component of the technical documentation in a conformity assessment procedure, in accordance with ATEX.

Within the scope of this procedure, products which are to be used in explosive atmospheres are analysed for possible sources of ignition.

We would be happy to support and advise you on the preparation of the necessary verification documents.

Safety first: Our CE experts from the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and automation assist and advise your design team during the design process and ensure that all safety regulations are observed from the very beginning.

Considerable savings are possible through our bespoke security consulting: Your machine or plant will benefit from lower design costs and better safety features.

We can also support you in verifying suppliers' CE requirements and technical documents with regard to safety, completeness, and comprehensibility.

We advise your developers and designers on the design of safety-related control systems in accordance with the current status of the relevant standards and guidelines. This also includes the calculation of the actual performance levels achieved by our TÜV-certified Functional Safety Engineers.

We determine the necessary measures and provide advice on choosing protective devices (e.g. when securing dangerous areas and hazardous movements by means of door monitoring, light curtains, scanners, etc.).

Intelligent concepts already in the design phase can (in many cases) reduce the costs for expensive safety technology.

Operators of machinery and plants frequently optimise or reassemble them. In doing so, they may come under manufacturer responsibility with regard to the CE marking and are therefore obliged to manufacture and prove the safety of the machines and systems in accordance with the requirements of the European directives. The following documents may then be required:

  • Risk assessment
  • Declaration of conformity
  • Operating manual
  • Hazard assessment

Our product safety experts help you to identify and comply with CE requirements. This ensures that the production facility meets the required standards and that employees can use safe machinery.

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