Efficiently steering and controlling procedures and processes

Throughout the information life cycle, people from various departments work together in order to provide different user groups with the relevant information – often in collaboration with external partners and with various different systems. Mastery of the resulting complex map of processes and systems is essential for quality, punctuality, efficiency, and usability. We offer services in all areas of process control and assist you from the initial planning and design stage — all the way to implementation and controlling.

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“Smart information” refers to the intelligent editing and linking of information, and you can implement it at your company. And our Future Check tells you how.

With this bespoke consulting service, we work with you to develop the goals for your future use of information, document the current status, and investigate how and which additional aspects of Smart Information would make good sense at your company.

Even after the conception phase, we will gladly support you in the implementation of the measures we have developed.

Continuous process optimisation helps you deal with the constantly changing requirements that your informational product must meet.

The never ending desire for greater efficiency can also be a good reason for putting the working methods, processes, and tools that have evolved over many years to the test.

During our optimisation projects, we pay particular attention to involving all departments and employees, whether they're directly or indirectly involved.

Successful procedures are only possible with a well-thought-out concept design. When planning processes, we therefore either begin with the conception of new processes or the analysis and optimisation of existing processes. We take into account the different perspectives of the departments involved in individual sub-processes and cooperate in developing new or optimised informational processes.

After the implementation, we would be happy to also assist you with the accompanying controlling and the introduction of a system for continuous improvement.

Performance indicators allow for objectivity and enable you to put your input and the end result into context – even in the information life cycle:

With bespoke controlling tools, we can demonstrate the effectiveness of new or adapted processes, identify associated cost factors, recognise benefit effects, and identify the additional optimisation potential.

This puts you in an optimal position to enhance the value of technical documentation within your company, so that the department is also an integral part of your company's success from the controlling perspective.

Coordinating processes across departments is a demanding task that can only be successful if authorisations and processes are clearly defined.

As our customer, you will have a dedicated project manager as your contact person, who will keep track of all the services we provide for you.

You can also use our project managers to manage your own projects – for example, if your company does not have an internal project manager or if several companies have to be coordinated for an innovation project.

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