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In the past, information technology was mainly during the creation process, used to increase efficiency. Today, in the age of intelligent information systems, it has taken on additional significance. Without it, it would not be possible to provide information tailored to the user, location, and time.

Best practice for your business

The best-practice approach allows us to offer you comprehensive, tried and tested solutions. After intensive examination and extensive testing, we have chosen IT systems that meet the high standards of our customers and are flexible enough to be adapted to specific requirements. When developing IT solutions, we give preference to our best-practice systems but also incorporate other systems.

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The right software for every task: We advise you on which of our best practice systems represent the best solution for you.

If we feel that a requirement cannot be implemented optimally with a given system, we will express these concerns directly and openly. Because our goal is not the sale of specific systems, but the trusting and lasting cooperation with our customers.

On request, we can also implement and operate the various systems.

Only information that is appealing and comprehensible will be accepted and processed by the user.

This content, which is to be made available to users in digital and printed media, is mostly created in a media-neutral XML format. A style sheet that controls the layout using transformation rules is required for the transformation into the media-appropriate target formats.

Developing a good style sheet is a challenging task, because all decisions that a media designer makes in the manual layout process must be first anticipated and then formulated as layout rules. Our application developers are specialised in solving these unique challenges.

Not all requirements of the information life cycle can be met with standard software. But no need to worry; our best practice systems can be adapted and extended. 

Whether you wish to extend the range of functions of the software, or you want to automate frequently occurring operating procedures: Our application developers are familiar with the API functions of these systems and can find a quick way to solve your needs. For particularly demanding tasks, they also have a direct line to the development departments of our partners and can thus receive straightforward help in an uncomplicated and informal manner.

We offer knowledge and competence around all IT functions concerning the Information Life Cycle as an all-round worry-free package, including hosting and administrative support. You benefit from the profound expertise of our IT Administrators in the operation and administration of best practice systems.

Alternatively, we are happy to create an individual service package that is tailored to your needs.

A number of specialised applications play a role in the information process. The better they are linked, the higher the achievable degree of efficiency and the better the information can be made available for users.

This is why we have created interfaces for our best practice systems that enable the various systems to work together efficiently. But synergies can also be created through interfaces to other systems; for example:

  • ERP
  • DMS
  • PDM
  • Web Portal
  • Content Delivery Platforms
  • Online Shop System
  • Catalogue System

The complex systems involved in the information life cycle demand a lot from their users. So it is good if there is someone to provide quick and simple assistance in case there are questions or problems – and that is the case with our comprehensive support packages for our best practice systems.

Our support staff work closely with our application professionals and developers. This enables them to quickly clarify both technical and task-specific issues.

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