Information should enable users and help them perform their tasks quickly and efficiently. This improves users’ feelings of competence and satisfaction.

But does this information even reach the user? Is it actually helpful? Is it even correct? These and many other questions can only be answered through user feedback. 

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Content Delivery Portals and other solutions for digital content sharing make it possible to create and analyse usage statistics. For the first time, you can now find out which content the users actually use. This valuable information makes it possible to prepare content in an even more audience-specific manner and thereby provide even better support to users.

We support you in the development and evaluation of user statistics and in subsequently implementing the findings in improvement measures.

Social media has been showing us how to do it for a long time: Users evaluate the relevance of content and can either express praise or criticism via their comments. If we really want to focus our information process on the user, we cannot avoid calling on these mechanisms for user information as well. Content Delivery Portals on the web and the relevant apps for mobile devices allow us to develop this back channel.

Which evaluation method is best for you? "Likes", rankings, feedback comments, or a combination of several methods?

We support you in this decision, as well as in the software technical implementation and the evaluation of the results.

During the reporting process, you actively ask users for specific feedback at the end of a procedure. This feedback can take the form of text, photos, video, or audio recordings. Users can use their PC or mobile device to do so. This provides you with certainty and feedback on the performance and quality of specific work.

Meaningful and efficient reporting depends essentially on the condition that the processes following the receipt of a report are defined. We support your process management so that the subsequent actions can be initiated efficiently and safely.

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