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In the Technical Editing office, we create content for all conceivable target audiences. Whether technical documentation (such as operating manuals, service instructions, etc.), e-learning or other types of text: after intensive target audience analysis and industry research, our technical editors prepare the content in such a way that it can be optimally used by the appropriate user. We create in either German or English and use various Content Management Systems and DTP applications.

You design, compose, and publish a wide variety of documents. These can be operating manuals, instruction manuals, maintenance manuals, or risk assessments, but also completely different technical documents within your environment. You would like to have these documents checked externally. This review may relate to compliance with current standards and guidelines, but can also address issues relating to structure, completeness, or even usability. 

We would be happy to review your documents, in accordance with your wishes and ideas, and give you valuable practical tips for their optimisation during a consultation meeting. We would like to help you to identify both "hard" (i.e. legal and content-related) and "soft" factors, such as usability, readability or comprehensibility and improve them. 


Each new target market has an impact on the product and therefore on user information as well. In order to successfully place a product in different markets, it is necessary to fulfill the specific normative and cultural requirements of US manuals, for example.

This means that with a 1:1 translation is often not performed, and therefore a "localisation" of all content is required.

In the Content Management System, we have the option of flagging market-specific content as specific variants and then filtering them out in the publication process. This results in a number of market variants for a source document, while the effort for maintenance and translation is limited to one master document.

We design instructions that are still effective with very few words or even no text at all: pictorial instructions that can be understood at a glance.

Pictorial instructions and instructions with very little text can be useful if there is little time for reading or if the target audience, for example, cannot read or can only read at a beginner-level.

The biggest challenge with a pictorial instruction is the comprehensibility. Here it is necessary to design the image statement in such a way that it is unambiguous for different people. Therefore, we carefully consider whether we would recommend pictorial instructions in a specific context or if a manual with text is the better choice.

In the end, it's all about reaching users and making their job easier. Whether this works, we can discover together with the help of a Usability Test. In the software industry already common for a long time, and becoming more and more common with products, informational products, too, can be checked with Usability Tests. Users work as planned with the informational products they are most familiar with. By methodically accompanying the users, we can find out where the information or its delivery method can still be improved.

Establishing brands, conveying information, promoting trust – these are high demands on the written word, which has less and less room in the world of digital products. But those who speak the language of their customers don't need many words. Our UX Writers recognise how your products can be linguistically optimised and establish the text as an integral part of the user journey – for both a positive and uninterrupted customer experience.

Our competent experts will find the right words that appeal to your users and take the experience of your products to the next level. The area of application ranges from websites and apps to chatbots and voice assistants. With the cooperation of UI Designers, Marketing and Researchers, we identify your users' pain points, as well as the KPIs of your product and help you establish a long-term communication strategy that supports your iterative design.

We use our know-how across many different industries, in order to create terminology concepts, create intuitive GUI texts and break new ground in customer communication. This is how we continuously highlight the factors of your product that are important for your users.

Much more intensive than mere training: Together with your employees, we create informational products that respect all current perspectives, and which can serve as templates for all subsequent projects. During the creation process, we coach your employees intensively. In this manner, your employees receive training while working directly on a real project, on the most important topics for information preparation. We integrate all work results into our quality assurance processes, so that your employees receive detailed feedback on their performance over the course of several test stages. This allows them to learn and improve during the process.

In contrast to informational products that we (by ourselves) create for you, there is negligible-to-no risk that the consistency and completeness of documentation for follow-up products will decrease, or that the benefits once sought will decrease or conformity to standards and guidelines will decrease.

Well-informed users work more successfully, are more satisfied and reach their goals faster –whether as end users in their private lives or as employees during their professional lives. That's why we create content in our Technical Editing department that has a high utility value and can be quickly grasped and is easy to understand.

We consider the various standards, customs and experiences, depending on the industry and field, as well as the legal and normative requirements.

To create the content, our technical editors use your preferred software (or a DTP system, if desired) or one of our best-practice systems. When Content Management Systems and XML standards are used, we not only reduce the costs for subsequent projects and translations, but we also ensure that your content is future-proofed for mobile documentation and Industry 4.0 applications.

In contrast to the standardised operating manuals, service information is not subject to any legal or normative provisions. This is an opportunity to position yourself in the market and distinguish yourself from the competition with well-thought-out and well-prepared service information.

When developing informational concepts within the scope of technical editorial services and business process outsourcing, we begin by clearly defining the target audiences and then incorporating their requirements.

We not only take care of the creation, but also the distribution of the content. This is how we support your service sustainably.

Automatically-created content saves money and frees up resources that you can deploy to other areas.

By using modern IT systems in a clever manner and taking over some of the associated tasks, the technical editors are relieved of this burden and can concentrate on work that adds clear value. This increases both the quality of the documents and the satisfaction of customers.

We develop individual concepts that ensure maximum productivity with optimum quality, and we're also happy to assist you with the technical implementation.

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