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kothes translations is Your Professional Service Provider for Translations and Technical Communication

Aline Cranswick
Head of Translation

T: +49 30 60985883-9
E: a.cranswick@spam

Mitja Sternkopf
Senior Consultant

T: +49 30 60985883-8

Denise Röller
Translation Manager

T: +49 30 60985883-34

Your qualified points of contact will completely look after you.

Our certified Specialist Translators have a technical background and extensive experience in translating technical content. You’ll also receive support in the creation of technically precise translations from the know-how and experience of our Technical Editors. Receive comprehensive advice from your personal Translation Project Manager.


  • for all types of documents and content
  • in over 40 languages
  • for the highest quality requirements, certified to be in accordance with ISO 17100
  • for currently more than 300 customers

Measurable Customer Satisfaction

  • 98.4% either satisfied or very satisfied with the result
  • 96.7% deadline met or even delivered early
  • 97.6% either very low or minimal input required

Translation Service Provider with a Reputation for Satisfaction

Quality Assurance for Perfect Translations

With us, you’re working with the best.

We evaluate the quality of our Freelance Translators very carefully. It begins with the selection of Translators:

Our candidates must pass several specially-developed translation tests, in order to verify their suitability for translating complex technical and marketing texts. These tests ensure that the source text is not only fully understood, but also critically questioned. Since Technical Translators must constantly deal with new subject areas, their research skills are also examined.

After this initial testing phase, our own Translation Project Managers constantly monitor the quality of the translations being delivered. Human control is complemented by specialised software solutions that subject the translation to an entire series of automated checks that are precisely tailored to customer requirements.

After submission, translations can be checked for quality and correctness by an independent second Translator, in accordance with the “Four-Eyes Principle”. All results of these checks flow into a specially-developed rating system, where they are recorded and monitored, and which provides an overview of how each Translator progresses. The Translator is kept informed about their performance and any identified weaknesses, allowing them to initiate corrective measures.