Work and family – compatible or not?

A summary by Stefan Leurs, father and technical editor.

Work and family – compatible or not?

Before I started working for kothes, I was not particularly familiar with the topic of “flexible working hours”. Nor did I know about the other working hour schemes available at kothes. And if I’m honest I’d never really thought about any of this very much, as I was not yet planning a family.

I always found the flexible working hours at kothes very handy. When my wife became pregnant, these flexible working hours took on a whole new meaning for me. Among other things, they allowed me to accompany my wife to her first ultrasound scan and be involved in all the stages of her pregnancy.

At kothes it is quite normal for fathers to work a four-day work week, in order to spend more time with their families, or to work from home to look after a sick child.

That quickly made it clear to me how important the topic of family is at kothes.

Parental leave for fathers

I also met more and more fathers at kothes who took their parental leave. As parental leave for fathers is a relatively new concept in Germany, I had not thought about it further at the time.

To me, it seemed that, whenever the topic was discussed in the media, the main aspect was that many companies do not like fathers taking parental leave – and it is the exact opposite at kothes. Here the topic is approached openly and as a matter of course.

I have now become a father myself, and I took parental leave when my son was born. That gave me the opportunity to experience an unforgettable time, and also to develop a strong relationship with my son from the very beginning, something that makes me very happy.

Nevertheless I did not get the feeling that my work suffered; quite the opposite, I was highly motivated and thus able to serve our customers to their satisfaction. 

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