Smart Information – What is meant by that?

kothes was there: DigiVation Conference and the 21st Aachen Service Forum.

Smart Information – What is meant by that?

From 20 to 22 March we were at the Smart Service Cluster of the FIR e. V. at RWTH Aachen.

For three days, representatives from science and business devoted themselves to the major topics of &quot;Digital Services&quot; and &quot;Service Innovation through Digitisation&quot;.</p> <p>The first one-and-a-half days were dedicated to the meta-research project DigiVation, which brings together several research projects focusing on how service innovation can be best achieved through digitisation. <a href="https://www.digivation.de/" target="_blank"/> As a practice partner in the research project &quot;Design Thinking for Industrial Services (DETHIS)&quot;, we too were one of the most heavily involved partners.<a href="http://dethis.de/" target="_blank"/> For us, Christopher Rechtien, our Innovation Manager, in his talk <strong>&quot;Inspire with Smart Information instead of Writing Instructions&quot;</strong> reported on what we’ve come to understand by an Information Space, and what we have learned so far from the DETHIS research project.</p> <p>kothes creates &quot;Smart Information&quot; or makes information smart. But what do scientists and representatives understand by the term &quot;Smart Information&quot;? That's what Christopher Rechtien asked his audience at the beginning of his presentation, and the result is contained in the Cloud shown above. Our plan seems to work: most listeners characterised Smart Information as &quot;intelligent information at the right time; connected and dynamic&quot;. We also attribute Smart Information with surprisingly similar or very similar characteristics: dynamic, integrated, up-to-date, and immediately accessible, for example. <em/> <em/> <em/> <em/> More of what we mean can be found on our website, or even better: We can visit you and discuss your vision of Smart Information.</p> <p>Over the following one-and a-half-days there were quick exchanges at the 21st Aachen Service Forum; likewise in the rooms of the FIR e. <a href="https://dienstleistungsforum.de/" target="_blank"/> V., with exciting lectures on the subject of &quot;Smart Services&quot; and experience exchanges on the subject of &quot;Developing and Introducing Smart Services&quot; and how industrial Machine Learning can be used today. During the Fair, Tom Schubert (Key Account Manager at kothes) and Christopher Rechtien staffed our Booth and answered questions, and those specifically about &quot;Smart Information&quot;.</p>
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