The DIN SPEC 33453

"Smart Service Systems Engineering"

The DIN SPEC 33453

At the end of February, Christopher Rechtien, Innovation Manager at kothes, took part at the kick-off workshop for the DIN SPEC 33453 "Smart Service Systems Engineering" and has since been a member of the relevant working group.

But what does this DIN SPEC need?

In the application area, the answer still sounds like this:This DIN SPEC provides guidelines for the successful development of new data-based services or smart services in an industrial context.

The DIN SPEC introduces a more applicable, timely and agile process for the development of digital service systems.

The process model is being revised so that the marketability of the data-driven services and the digital service systems to be developed can be achieved at an early stage. Furthermore, the methods of service engineering are critically reviewed and revised accordingly. Related areas such as business analytics and software development will be integrated into the process of developing digital service systems

Essentially, it's about developing an agile process that companies can use to develop digital services themselves, or with partners."An exciting challenge in which we would like to contribute our experience, in order to make the DIN SPEC as practical as possible," says Christopher Rechtien. "Of course, we would like to support our customers in the future by interpreting this DIN SPEC and developing their own digital service systems," continues Rechtien. The initiator of the project is i4.0MC – Industry 4.0 Maturity Centre GmbH. Additional project partners are currently the Chair of Business Informatics, Prof. Dr. Beverungen at the University of Paderborn; the Chair of Marketing and Innovation, Prof. Dr. Schumann of the University of Passau, as well as the Research Institute for Rationalisation e.V. (FIR) at RWTH Aachen.

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