ISTC Regional Group North

kothes gives lecture in Manchester.

ISTC Regional Group North

kothes GmbH was invited to the ISTC Regional Group North West Manchester to deliver a presentation on "How Industry 4.0 and Information 4.0 are changing the way Technical Editors can generate and publish user-oriented information". We would like to thank David Jones sincerely, and all those involved for the interesting and friendly exchange.

Companies are increasingly establishing departments for digital solutions with the aim of bundling digital and automation activities. Key terms are real-time data management and key performance indicators. Often the user-oriented information, such as how changing a pump or another specific maintenance task is to be carried out, is not seen as part of the digital solution and is therefore still supplied in paper format.

However, technical editing can make a significant contribution to the creation and publication of intelligent, user-oriented, and digital information. To accomplish this, a number of conditions must be met. The organisational requirements, such as the involvement of the technical editorial staff at an early stage of the project, must be taken into account. Furthermore, the importance of a topic-oriented documentation concept and the knowledge of how the metadata for the user information are to be defined as key factors is crucial. In addition, knowledge of the tools, such as XML-based Content Management Systems and Content Publishing Platforms, is very important.

We're living in an exciting time where the Technical Editing team has the opportunity to make an important contribution to its company's digital vision and ultimately provide users with an even greater informational experience.

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