Informative exchange at kothes translator meeting 2018

Review of a very worthwhile event.

Informative exchange at kothes translator meeting 2018

Last November, kothes translations held its 2018 Translators' Meeting, which has now become a permanent institution. This year, we were able to welcome more than 30 translators of different nationalities, and in many cases, we were able to meet again with them in-person. After the successful Translator Meeting in 2017, we chose the "Wild Wedding Loft" as the venue once again.

After a brief welcome and an informative summary of the latest developments in the translation industry (and the innovations from within the kothes world), the participants were divided into three groups. Thus, all participants had the opportunity to clarify their individual questions in group workshops within small groups, instead of the usual classical lectures and presentations. 

The workshops dealt with the topics of "How To...", "Troubleshooting", and "Quality". These mainly involved the use of our Translation Memory Systems, but also specific questions about our general translation processes.

The Workshop Concept proved to be very productive, and it promoted both active participation and a lively exchange among all involved. The discussions were also very valuable for kothes, as interesting discussions emerged; these will be tackled with upcoming-targeted training sessions.

After a summary feedback session, we rounded out the evening with a buffet dinner, with the welcome opportunity to network and make new contacts, as well as for personal exchanges between the participants.

Thanks again to our Translation Team for its dedication and good work, which is the backbone for the success of kothes translations .

Markus Stein
Blog post Markus Stein
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