End of Year 2019

We say "Thank You!"

End of Year 2019

12 months full of exciting projects and diverse challenges are now behind us, which we've successfully completed, together with our customers and partners.

We'd like to say "thank you" for this!

And, as is now tradition, our employees have again selected social organisations (under the motto "kothes helps"), which we will support financially.
This year's two organisations are:

  • The "TagesTreff" in Berlin, Germany. The TagesTreff offers an integrated combination of low-threshold social and medical care that is accessible at fixed times and is also accompanied by the distribution of meals and clothing, as well as social services. In addition, the TagesTreff is committed to the reintegration of needy people so that they're, in the best case, able to again lead a regular and independent life.
  • The "Kinderhospiz Löwenherz" in Syke, Germany. At this children's hospice, terminally ill children are admitted, together with their parents and siblings. Single rooms are available for them in the nursing area, which are comfortably furnished, but also meet the requirements of professional care.

We'd like to wish you a peaceful Christmas holiday and a fantastic start to their New Year.

We appreciate your continued loyalty.

Lars Kothes
Blog post Lars Kothes
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