“Augmented documentation – implementing technical innovation in daily practice”

Professional article by kothes innovation manager Christopher Rechtien in “HMD Praxis”.


“HMD Praxis” is published by Springer and provides IT specialists and managers with solutions to their current challenges; it identifies methods of implementation, and it provides news on Business Informatics (BI). Students, scientists and teachers of BI learn about the issues that represent challenges
in the practical application of their field and are currently the topic of discussion among scientists.

Our Innovation Manager Christopher Rechtien and Beke Redlich, a research associate at Jacobs University in Bremen have co-authored a specialist article entitled “Augmented documentation – implementing technical innovation in daily practice”. Its subject is the application of augmented reality in the field of technical documentation. The article explains and discusses the specific use of augmented reality technology in the field of technical documentation. Its authors present an innovative project for implementing augmented documentation, that was completed according to action design research, and it incorporated the many insights gained.

You can order this article (for a small fee) on the website of the Springer publishing company.


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